Best Tablets For Kids

Best Tablets For Kids

There is no greater love in your life than that for your child. Since it’s an age of science and technology modern days have made everything so feasible that your child can now take advantage of technology to grow and learn by themselves. But how well one of the simplest ways is the tablets, They are exclusively designed for kids. These tablets will open up the door and allow your kids to learn academic stuff while also providing entertainment in their free time.

So if you are looking for a tablet for your kids. So we have shortlisted the best tablet for kids. All the tablets included in this list they are equipped with tons of features. That will your kids for learning.

9 Best Tablets For Kids

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids

Best Tablets for kids

The Amazon Fire HD10 Kids is the most premium tablet on our list. As it comes with a wealth of features especially q with crickets this tablet features an octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and a  brilliant 10.1- inch 1080p display made with strengthened aluminum silicate glass and thanks to one year of amazon kids plus your kids will get all the content they crave for from thousands of age-appropriate audiobooks to hands curated movies and shows this tablet offers it all.

You can also limit your children’s screen time set educational goals and manage content for up to four profiles with easy-to-use parallel controls this tablet has a kid-proof case to protect against bumps and drop while an adjustable stand allows your kids to go hands-free. Overall the amazon fire HD 10 kids are undoubtedly the best tablet for kids that will help their learning as well as their enjoyment.

Display10.1-Inch FHD Display
Storage32GB Of Storage
Battery12 Hours

Contixo V8-2

If you are looking for a tablet for your child where he/she can start their learning so the Contixo V8-2 tablet will help you with that. This tablet was made specifically for child betterment. It has a 7-inch shatter-safe HD touchscreen with a tough bumper that will protect the tablet against accidental drops.

This device also comes with a pre-loaded few to-rated charge topic apps. This will help teach your kids educating way, with its kid’s place feature parents can create and customize the profile for their children, Set educational goals, control screen time, and ensure safe web browsing. Overall the Contixo V8-2 is a high-quality kids tablet that is loaded with tons of features.

Display7-Inch HD Display
CPU1.5 GHz arm710t
Storage16GB Of Storage
OSAndroid 8.1 GO
Battery10 Hours

UJoyfeel Toddler Tablet

If you love traveling, camping, and long flights with your kids so the Ujoyfeel toddler tablet that comes with fun games, learning apps, and much more. This 7-inch tablet has an LED display that does not hurt the eyes and its runs on Android 8.1 powered by a quad-core CPU. Its kids-proof case is made of lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant soft silicone material that protects the tablet from scratches bumps, or drops.

Other than that the case has a stand function that can free your kid’s hand while learning, watching, or playing games. It includes parental controls that make it easy to personalize the tablet’s screen time limits set educational goals, filter age-appropriate content, and manage playtime as your child grows. So if you want to grant your kids the freedom to learn and grow while having fun then you can’t go wrong with the Ujoyfeel toddler tablet.

Display7-Inch HD Display
CPUQuad-Core 1.5GHz CPU
OSAndroid 8.1 Oreo
Connectivity2.4GHz WiFi

Amazon Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a much more affordable alternative to the Fire HD 10. It offers many features to stimulate kid’s imagination, creativity, and self-confidence. This 8-inch tablet has an HD display and is equipped with a fast processor, long battery life, 30 gigabytes of storage, and also a USB Type-C port for quick charging. It features a kid-proof case with a built-in stand plus a one-year amazon kids plus subscription which will give your kids access to over 20000 apps games, books, videos, and more.

The little ones can either stream over WiFi or view downloaded content on the go thanks to its MicroSD card for up to one terabyte. All things considered, the amazon fire HD 8 is an awesome kid-friendly tablet that can accompany your kids whenever and wherever.

Display8-Inch HD Display
Storage32GB of Storage
BatteryUp to 12 hours
MicroSD Card Supports Up to 1TB

YosaToo Tablet

The YosaToo tablet is a one-of-a-kind device with a super cute design. It adopts a 7-inch HD display that can automatically adjust brightness for a comfortable reading experience. This tablet comes pre-installed with the iWawa App which offers access to a range of kid-friendly content such as manga sorry, mini-games, kids tv, karaoke, and more. Parents can set separate profiles for each kid add or block apps, filter contents, and set screen time limits besides these security settings can be adjusted as toddlers get older. Its pen grid handle case is specially designed to not only protect the screen against drops or pumps but also for hand reviewing or carry where.

The YosaToo Tablets equipped with a 32Gb storage space and support for a 64-gigabyte microSD card will allow you to store plenty of children’s favorite cartoons ebooks, movies, songs, or photos. In a nutshell, the yosaToo tablet is truly a unique-looking device that will keep your children busy for on in.

Display 7-inch HD Display
Storage32GB of Storage
OSAndroid 10
SD Card Up to 64GB

AWOW 8-inch kids tablet

The A wow 8-inch kids tablet will give your little ones access to all the kids-friendly google services. The 8-inch high-resolution IPS display on this device has a night protection feature. its specially designed case protects the tablet against dust bums and drops. It even has an adjustable stand on the back that allows toddlers to go hands-free for watching videos and video chatting furthermore. Its parental control mode will allow you to create and customize profiles control screen time handpick content and ensure they are browsing safe websites.

This tablet runs on android 11 go supports over 40 languages and lets you download various learning apps from kiddos or the google play store for your kids to enjoy. So if you want your kids to grow with content tailored to their age then the A wow 8-inch kids tablet is a great option to go for.

Display8-Inch HD Display
Storage32GB Of Storage
OSAndroid 10
Weight1.65 Pounds

Amazon Fire HD 7 kids

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids is packed with all the content here and craze. The Amazon Fire HD 7 come in a kids proof case with a built-in stand so that your kids enjoy learning safely and conveniently it features a 7-inch display, A powerful processor, 16GB of storage that is expandable up to 512GB, and up to 7 hours of runtime 

Moreover, you have one year kids plus subscription that will give your child access to over 20000 apps, books, videos,  audiobooks, and other educational content. If you want to stay worry-free while you work the Amazon fire HD7 kids tablet will definitely help you out to keep your kids busy in learning.

Display7-inch IPS Display
Storage16GB of Storage
Battery7 hours

Dragon Touch Kits Pad Y88x

A Tablet that gives your child their pick of endless kids-friendly content. The Dragon Touch has easy-to-use parental control so that you can filter content and set screen time limits to keep your kids healthy With your purchase you will also get 20 pre-installed officially authorized Disney audiobooks. 

This device also gives access to thousands of videos, apps, and filtered websites. It runs on the Android 10 operating system and comes with 32GB of storage which can be expanded up to 128GB while using a Micro SD card. Overall the dragon touch kits pad y88x will be a great addition to your family as it is a great learning partner for your kids.

Display 7-inches IPS HD display
Storage32GB Of Storage
OSAndroid 10
Weight1.9 Pounds


I hope you all love that article and all the tablets included in this list are durable and lightweight, which means you can easily carry all of the Tablets. They all are the best Tablet For Kids. I hope you have selected one of them as per your needs. If you love that article do share it with your friends and family and also stay with us for more interesting articles.

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