How To Cancel Britbox Subscription On Roku (Step By Step Guide)

Cancel Britbox Subscription On Roku

Britbox is one of the most popular TV Streaming services, that primarily focused on British TV shows, Movies, Web-series, live TV streaming, etc. BritBox is a joint venture of the BBC and ITV plc. Britbox is one of the leading TV streaming services in the united kingdom. It also offers you Seven-day free trial which means a customer can use Britbox for 7 days without paying a single penny. But after the trial period, you have to pay $6.99/month for using BritBox services. So if you are looking at how to cancel a Britbox subscription on Roku so read this till the end.

Cancel Britbox subscription on Roku

If you have a Britbox subscription and you want to cancel it. So there are three different methods are available to cancel a Britbox subscription on your Roku TV. You can use one of them to cancel your Britbox subscription. So we have crafted a simple step-by-step guide to cancel the BritBox subscription, Follow all the steps carefully and you will be able to do it.

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Method 1: Cancel Britbox Subscription using Roku Device

In this method, we will cancel the Britbox subscription by using Roku streaming Device which is a very easy process just follow all the steps carefully.

Step 1: First, Turn on the Roku Device and Press Home Button

Step 2: Now, go to your channels and Select Britbox.

Step 3: After that, Press the asterisk {*} button on your Roku Remote and select manage Subscription.

Step 4: Now, Pop Up Screen appears, tap the Cancel Subscription button.

Step 5: Now, again tap cancel subscription button to cancellation of your Britbox subscription on Roku.

Step 6: Click Done to finish the cancellation process.

Congratulation, your Britbox subscription has been canceled successfully.

Method 2: Cancel Britbox Subscription by using The Britbox Website

Step 1: First, Launch the Web browser on you PC.

Step 2: Than, Visit the website by using URL

Step 3: Now Login with your credentials like Email and Password.

Step 4: After that, tap Account in the Upper right corner of the Britbox Website.

Step 5: Now You in the Subscription and Billing section, Click the Manage button.

Step 6: Select and click Cancel Subscription To Cancel your Britbox Subscription.

Step 7: Now, click the “Yes Cancel” button to finish the cancellation process.

Method 3: Cancel Britbox Subscription by Using Roku Website

Step 1: Go To Roku Website and Sign In with Roku account.

Step 2: Now, Navigate to Manage Account and Click Manage your Subscription.

Step 3: Select Britbox and Click the Unsubscribe button.

Step 4: Click Yes Unsubscribe to complete the Britbox cancellation process.

Step 5: Now You have successfully cancel the Britbox subscription on Roku. But You can still enjoy streaming Britbox until your previous subscription ends. It will be automatically canceled.

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You can use any of them to cancel your Britbox Subscription on Roku. If you like the article so share this article with your friends and family.

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