How To Connect AirPods To Xbox One

How To connect Apple AirPods To Xbox One

Are you a gamer and you used Microsoft Xbox One Console for gaming and you want to connect your Apple AirPods to your Xbox one console. Officially it’s not possible to connect your Apple AirPods to your Xbox One. But unofficially it is possible to connect your AirPods to your Xbox One Console. For you, we have crafted a simple Step by step guide to know how to connect AirPods to Xbox One Console. So Let’s start the steps.

How To Connect AirPods To Xbox One Console

Here we use Xbox official App to connect our AirPods to Xbox one. you can download this app from the IOS App store or Play store for android devices. After downloading, the Xbox App follows all the steps below mention to connect Airpods to Xbox One console.

1. First, Pair your Airpods to IOS or Android device.

2. After that, Download the Xbox App for IOS or Android smartphones or tablets.

3. Now Open the Xbox App and tap Sign in and Log in with the same Xbox and Microsoft Account you use for Xbox One.

4. Than Tap to Let’s Play, and Tap the Parties icon.

5. Now, Click to Start Party.

6. The Xbox Party will immediately be created. and Tap to Invite to party option.

7. Now Select or type the name of the friend that you want to invite to join the Xbox Party.

8. After selecting all Friends tap to Send Invitation button, All your friends will notification on Xbox One Consol or App.

9. Now Use your AirPods and start chatting with your friends.

10. After finishing the game or chatting just click on the Leave Party button.

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How to connect the Bluetooth controller to Xbox One console?

Connecting the Bluetooth controller to Xbox One Console it’s pretty easy method. so if you want to connect your controller to your Xbox one console, so here all step-by-step to connect buletooth controller to Xbox One console.

1. First Hold the guide button to turn On the Bluetooth Controller.

2. Now, Hold the pairing button until Guide button Flashes.

3. Right click the Bluetooth icon in your system tray.

4. Now, Tap to Add Bluetooth Device.

5. Now, Click Add Bluetooth and other device and Select the your device to pair.

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I hope now you are able to connect your Apple AirPods to you Xbox One console. Its not too hard to connect your earbuds to Xbox console, Just follow all the steps to know how to connect How To Connect AirPods To Xbox One Console. If you love the article then share it with your friends and family members also for more interesting tips and guides stay with:- at

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