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If you are an Amazon Alexa user and you are looking for Alexa Voice commands for Daily use. So you are landed on the right page. We have crafted a list of the best Alexa Voice Commands for you. All the commands are included in this list you can use those in daily use.

What Is Alexa

Alexa is one of the most popular and widely used voice assistants is Alexa. Developed by Amazon, Alexa is an AI-powered.

List Of Best Voice Commands For Alexa

Voice commands have transformed the way we interact with our smart devices. Gone are the days of searching for remote controls or fumbling through apps on our smartphones. With Alexa, all you need to do is speak, and your wishes are fulfilled. Let’s dive into some of the best voice commands that can make your interaction with Alexa

Turning On and Off Lights

“Alexa, turn on the living room lights.”
“Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights.”

Adjusting the Thermostat

“Alexa set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”
“Alexa, decrease the temperature by 2 degrees.”

Locking and Unlocking Doors

“Alexa, lock the front door.”
“Alexa, is the back door locked?”

Setting Timers and Alarms

“Alexa set a timer for 10 minutes.”
“Alexa, wake me up at 7 AM.”

Alexa Voice Commands For Entertainment and Media

Playing Music

“Alexa, play some upbeat music.”
“Alexa, play songs by Imagine Dragons.”

Control Volume Via Alexa

“Alexa, decrease the volume.”
“Alexa set the volume to 8.”

Changing Tracks or Stations

“Alexa, skip to the next track.”
“Alexa, play classical music.”

Playing Audiobooks

“Alexa, play my audiobook.”
“Alexa, pause the audiobook.”

Controlling Video Playback

“Alexa, pause the movie.”
“Alexa, skip forward 5 minutes.”

Smart Home Devices

Controlling Smart Plugs

“Alexa, turn off the coffee maker.”
“Alexa, schedule the fan to turn on at 3 PM.”

Managing Smart Appliances

“Alexa, start the dishwasher.”
“Alexa, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.”

Interacting with Security Cameras

“Alexa, show me the front door camera.”
“Alexa, is there any movement in the backyard?”

Operating Robot Vacuums

“Alexa, start the vacuum.”
“Alexa, return the vacuum to its dock.”

Daily Information and News

Getting Weather Updates

“Alexa, what’s the weather forecast for today?”
“Alexa, will it rain tomorrow?”

Asking General Knowledge Questions

“Alexa, who is Marie Curie?”
“Alexa, how far is the moon?”

Checking Sports Scores

“Alexa, what’s the score of the basketball game?”
“Alexa, when is the next football match?”

Getting News Briefings

“Alexa, give me the news.”
“Alexa, what’s the latest headline?”

Online Shopping and To-Do Lists By Alexa

Adding Items to Your Shopping List

“Alexa, add milk to my shopping list.”
“Alexa, remind me to buy eggs.”

Reordering Products

“Alexa, reorder laundry detergent.”
“Alexa, order more paper towels.”

Creating and Managing To-Do Lists

“Alexa, create a to-do list.”
“Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”


Making Calls With Alexa

“Alexa, call Mom.”
“Alexa, dial 123-456-7890.”

Sending Text Messages

“Alexa, send a text to John.”
“Alexa, message Jane that I’ll be there soon.”

Drop-In on Other Alexa Devices

“Alexa, drop in on the kitchen Echo.”
“Alexa, connect me to the living room Echo Show.”

Announce Messages

“Alexa, announce dinner is ready.”
“Alexa, tell everyone it’s time for a meeting.”

Play Fun and Games

Playing Trivia Games

“Alexa, start a trivia game.”
“Alexa, play ‘True or False’.”

Interactive Stories and Adventures

“Alexa, tell me a bedtime story.”
“Alexa, play an adventure game.”

Fun with Jokes and Riddles

“Alexa, tell me a joke.”
“Alexa, give me a riddle.”

Exploring Skills and Easter Eggs

“Alexa, open the magic door.”
“Alexa, tell me a Harry Potter fact.”

Productivity and Utility

Setting Reminders

“Alexa, remind me to call Sarah at 2 PM.”
“Alexa, remind me to water the plants every three days.”

Creating Calendar Events

“Alexa, schedule a meeting for tomorrow.”
“Alexa, what’s on my calendar for next week?”

Converting Units and Currencies

“Alexa, convert 10 miles to kilometers.”
“Alexa, how much is 100 dollars in euros?”

Calculating Tips and Sums

“Alexa, calculate a 15% tip on a $45 bill.”
“Alexa, what’s the sum of 237 and 419?”

Set Your Customizing Commands Alexa

Changing Wake Words

“Alexa, change your wake word to Echo.”
“Alexa, use the wake word Amazon.”

Adjusting Voice Responses

“Alexa, use a softer voice.”
“Alexa, speak more quickly.”

Enabling and Disabling Skills

“Alexa, enable the meditation skill.”
“Alexa, disable the weather forecast skill.”

Personalizing Flash Briefings

“Alexa, customize my flash briefing.”
“Alexa, add tech news to my flash briefing.”

Troubleshooting and Help

Asking for Tutorials

“Alexa, how do I connect a new device?”
“Alexa, show me how to use routines.”

Getting Device Information

“Alexa, what’s your software version?”
“Alexa, tell me about your latest updates.”

Contacting Customer Support

“Alexa, get me in touch with customer support.”
“Alexa, help me with an issue.”


Alexa’s voice commands have transformed the way we interact with smart devices and access information. From controlling our smart homes to providing entertainment and enhancing productivity, Alexa has become an indispensable companion. By harnessing the power of voice, Alexa has truly made technology more accessible and user-friendly.

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